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Q: How to make a connection in the data source drop-down box on start page of Database Web Explorer?

A: Connection to databases in Database Web Explorer occurs through ODBC system data sources and OLE DB providers. All connections should be described in configuration file dwe.cfg. Every data source in this file is described as one string in format:

<Data Source Name>=<Connection string>, where

<Data Source Name> - name of data source displayed in drop-down box "Data Sources" on start page of Database Web Explorer,

<Connection String> - name of ODBC system data source or OLE DB connection string. "ConnectionString" property of ADO object "Connection". For more information about "Connection" object in ADO and "ConnectionString" property of this object see link:


To create ODBC system data source, you should make the following. You must have administrator permission. Press "Start" button in Windows 2000 (or XP). Select "Settings"--"Control Panel"--"Administrative Tools"-- "Data Sources (ODBC)". After that ther the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" will be started. Proceed to "System DSN". For create new Data Source press "Add" button. Further follow instructions of the wizard. Select required driver (depends from database, to which you make connection) and specify path to database file (for Access, Interbase) or server name (for MS SQL Server) or service name (for Oracle).

For example, if you have created System DSN "PhoneBase" then in string in dwe.cfg you should write:


How to build connection string for any OLE DB provider you can find in documentation about your OLE DB provider.

For example, for MS Access OLE DB connection string may look so:

Products=Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Databases\products.mdb

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